A Smorgasborg of Strapping Men in Jocks

A Smorgasborg of Strapping Men in Jocks

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Drink plenty of water

makes you wonder what's in their regular, lower-cost water 

Breakfast will set the tone for the rest of your day

Get a jumpstart on those pesky quarterly layoffs by eating crispy faces of shrunken dollheads !!!
another fine dog-eat-dog food from Ralston-Purina

Make more things with "green" vegetables

and remember the old adage;
 "Green Salads and Soup, make for good poop".

consider Non-beef alternatives


Your guests deserve the same care of thought

make your parites gay!!

end it all with a low-fat dessert

reminds me of an old adage...         

You think that's Pus "flavored" or the actual extract?

or you can just eat whatever you want and take these, its SOOO much easier - not so sure about the "easy to swallow" part tho

Be sure to get in lots of vitamins and minerals

well again I must ask the obvious, "flavored" or actual extract?

just burn off those pesky fat cells to expose those

Vitamin Beer..I KNEW that was a good idea. I kept telling my beer buddies, "Ya no wat? we otta put vitanins in this and sellit to the tooorists as yuppie healf food...i gotta pee again"

And make this a NEW lifestyle with your "roommate" or "best bud" or whatever you can legally call him now

Okay, you can check "nutrition" off the list till next year


and now, what you're REALLY here for.........



Do you have room for just one more thin mint?